Constitution - Objectives

The Centre for Hellenism is of purely non-profitable character, and its activities are always effected strictly within the framework of national policy and orthodox religious heritage. According to the founding constitution of the Centre, its founders desire"... The uplift of the moral, educational, social and, generally, the cultural level of Hellenes' children everywhere, their love for Greece and towards nature". The triptych " Nature-Man-Hellenism" constitutes the core of the Centre's concerns and the activities effected by it.

More specifically, in the 2nd article of the foundational constitution, the Centre's objectives are clearly set out :

  • The active and continuous support to the governments of Hellas and Cyprus for the preservation of the rights of Hellenism.
  • The writing, translation and publication of books on subjects that concern Hellenism in its entirety and their distribution to emigrant Hellenism everywhere.
  • The multifaceted support to emigrant Hellenes and the undertaking of various forms of initiative in order to facilitate their direct and unceasing contact with metropolitan Hellas.
  • The Organising and running of a modern Electronic Library in the premises of the Centre. The Library will be linked to the greatest research centres in Hellas, Cyprus and other countries, and will offer a wide selection of CD-ROM disks, the topics of which will range widely over matters related to Hellenism.
  • The award of scholarships to Hellene and foreign researchers who need to use the Electronic Library. The scholars will be hosted in the premises of the Centre and their necessary expenses will be fully covered.
  • The organising of various events with major themes centering on emigrant Hellenism, laography, Hellenic morals and customs, the presentation and preservation of historical archives, the history and archaeology of Hellas and Cyprus.
  • The elaboration of educational programmes for students of primary and secondary education with topics relating to the past, present and future of Hellenism, but also to the protection of the dangerously threatened natural enviroment of Hellas and Cyprus.
  • The backing of the development and promotion of Historical and Archaeological sites in the vicinity of Schinos and the neighbouring areas.
  • The assistance in rescuing and protecting the natural environment and the effort to render the entire Greek and Cypriot Hellenism sensitive to these issues.
  • The allotment of the use of the premises of the Centre to local agencies for the holding of activities which fall within the framework of the Centre's concerns and principles of operation.