The Historic Rose Garden

The Centre is well known for its beautiful Historic Rose Garden, the best in the Balkans.

Its historic character is owed to the presence of all major types of rose bushes, from the older to the most modern varieties. Roses known in Antiquity (Rose of Knossos, Crete) the roses praised in Sappho’s and Anacreon’s poetry, roses from Persia, India as well as the unique green rose R. Chinensis Viridiflora of China.

The garden is spirally shaped, following the architectural prototype of the famous City of Belfast Rose Garden and contains in its flower beds around 700 different varieties of rose.

The creation of this unique garden in our country was followed by the founding of the Hellenic Rose Society which has been accepted as a member of the World Federation of Rose Societies (WFRS).

The main goal of the Hellenic Rose Society is to encourage people to explore the world of roses, interchange information and generally get involved with roses and with nature as much as possible.