The premises of the Centre for Hellenism, ownership of the Sociates Anonymes companies KORINTHIAKI A.K.T.E. and DANAE E.K.A. E.X., are situated at Schinos Loutraki in the prefecture of Corinth, 75 kms from Athens.

The visitor from Athens or Piraeus follows the Athens-Corinth national motorway and exits at the first sign to Megara; he then heads towards the Alepochori beach and from there turns left towards Schinos, always having the beautiful Corinthian Gulf coast on his right hand side. The trip takes about 1 hour and 30 minutes. The visitor from Loutraki follows the Perahora-Pissia-Schinos route, which takes about 30 minutes.

In an area covering around 40.000 sq. meters (10 arces) at the foot of Mount Gerania and 1.5 km from Schinos beach, are:

comprising reception areas, hospitality and meeting rooms, offices, conference lounge and a V.I.P. apartment.

Το Κεντρικό Κτίριο

with an outdoor pool and an open-air bar.

Το Περιστύλιο

which may operate as a projection room, lecture theatre, conference room etc.

Η Αίθουσα Πολλαπλών Χρήσεων

with an audience capacity of 200 and extension facilities that can be utilized if required.

Το Αμφιθέατρο

an idyllic location for the visitors of the Centre to meet and rest.

Το Περίπτερο

a unique hostel or the Centre's scholars and other guests.

Ο Ανεμόμυλος

for the physical exercise and recreation of the Centre's visitors.

Το Γήπεδο Τέννις-Βόλλεϋ

for the physical exercise and recreation of the Centre's visitors.

Under construction : The organising of the Centre's Electronic Library.